How to BUILD and MAINTAIN a successful TEAM!

August 13, 2017

Every day in some way , you are part of a team.  The question is not, Will you participate in something that involves others? The question is, Will your involvement with others be successful?  


We all want good teamwork.  It is essential in any business, family and team.  Teams come in all shapes and sizes!


But how does it really work?  What makes a winning team?

Why do some teams go straight to the top? 


Watch this 2 min video:

Why work in teams? There are several good reasons:


• Most companies work in teams, so it’s good to develop these skills as early as possible.


• Research shows that we all learn effectively from each other. Hence, your teams should be learning teams, with the focus on helping each other to learn.


• Teamwork develops your interpersonal skills in coping with conflict, in being a chairperson, in developing your interdependence and accountability and in developing your sense of self esteem. This aids your personal development and your non-work-related relationships.

Why do some groups accomplish very little, while others achieve much more? 

This difference stems very much from the processes within the group – its inner dynamics or workings.

Some features of an effective team include:


• combined group effort of all members


• clear goals


• group members focused on learning


• mutual trust and support


• open communication


• democratic processes.


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