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I, Charlotte Venter, am an Elite Pro 8 with LifeVantage and I hold the highest rank for my company in Australia.  I'm the first Australian to reach this top rank and have been an integral part of pioneering the launch of LifeVantage in Australia.  

I was born in South Africa and immigrated to Australia in 2002.  My parents always had their own businesses so from a very young age I was introduced to entrepreneurial skills and dreams. I remember as a child setting up a shop outside our house selling anything I could find. I also loved playing secretary and business in my mums office and study at home. I believe that’s where my entrepreneurial destiny was birthed. I was a great scholar and always liked by the teachers. I was honored to be a Prefect in Primary School. My education is in Business and Finance but my career started in the Banking sector.  While building my career, I always dreamed about building my own business.  My career later revolved to a National Tele-Sales Manager role for the first non-conventional mortgage company in South Africa.  With massive monthly sales targets, I was used to a fast paced, demanding life of Corporate Sales while working on multi-million dollar accounts.




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I'm a wife of 25 years and a mother to Brandon and Robyn.  All my priorities changed when we immigrated to Australia as I had no family or friend support to help with our children.  Whilst juggling between business and children, I fell in love with Network Marketing and built a very successful business in less than 12 months.  I was able to create a great income and then some, which allowed me to focus on being an entrepreneur and mum.   I work on my international business day and night.  I love to motivate and train entrepreneurs all around the world while caring for our beautiful family from the comfort of my own home.  Family and friends have truly expressed how they see me shine and glow with happiness.   This is truly my calling!

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Our Family Became Aussies

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Since being involved with LifeVantage my life has completely changed.

  • I'm able to leverage my past experiences by training others to build a business of their own.

  • I'm a professional in the Network Marketing industry.

  • Because of my own experience and learning I can now successfully provide help to Distributors through Social Media and the internet.

  • I travel all over Australia to motivate Distributors through Guest Speaking, Coaching and Training.

Not only do I have the privilege of working with people all over the world, I work with my personally sponsored and other Distributors on my team.  I'm in Business Partnership with the most fabulous team on earth, Team Heart United.  My LifeVantage family has forever changed my life and I am forever grateful for their dedication. My continued focus is to empower, uplift and validate others while changing lives through financial freedom and self gratification.

Please reach out and contact me if my story resinates with you.  I would be honoured to help you find success like I did.  My passion of helping others professionally has been a vision and a mission that continues to grow deep inside of me! 

See you on the beaches of the world and remember to always, always, always, always live life on YOUR terms and CHASE YOUR DREAMS! DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

Team Activate

Our incredible Team Activate!! I love these people <3 

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