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My Journey from Beginning to the

Top Leader in Australia.

Hey there Unstoppable Networker, I am so excited to be sharing my personal network marketing journey with you. I absolutely love our industry and the chance it gives ordinary people like me to have a life of my choice. My six-figure success certainly didn't happen overnight. It wasn't easy, but it certainly was worth it. Here's my story: 


I've always had a desire to make a difference and to NOT live a mediocre life. I've worked in the corporate world and held high pressured jobs with huge targets. Worked long hours, sacrificed not seeing my children, relied on my husband to do double parenting and still could not see a way of living the life I and my husband desired. For over 20 years I've been looking for the 'right' business. I've owned my own conventional businesses, invested thousands of dollars, had the stress and risk of stock, staff, overheads etc only to find that it was not the answer. 


In September 2012 a dear friend introduced me to network marketing products which I loved using. From the start she suggested I take a look at the business opportunity but I had no interest in network marketing.  The truth is, I didn't understand it. After 6 months of a persistent friend calling me, I decided to take a look. I attended an event and a fire was birthed inside of me. I went home and researched the industry.  I was hooked!  It was truly a business model I had been looking for my whole life. And that my friend, was the start of my new life.

Within 6 months I reached a leadership level and was earning a comfortable amount. I worked hard. Was dedicated and had a mission of retiring my husband. But I was frustrated because of the poor customer retention. I would lose lots of customers and distributors in my business every month. I started to understand the industry better and knew I needed to work with products that people order again and again, month after month, year after year. This company was not the one to help me retire my husband and create my ideal life.


At that time I received a phone call from another friend who was super excited about a new network marketing company launching in Australia and we decided to fly to Melbourne 2 days later to suss out their launch. I was excited. This company was different to the previous one and I saw a future with them. I jumped in and again started building a business only to find I struggled even more with retention and to top it all I was earning hardly any income. I like to look at this journey as a big learning curve. I'm very grateful for company 1 and 2 because they both taught me so much. I learned what I needed in a company, in a product, in a compensation plan and in a team of leaders to accelerate my success in the industry.  So on 10 January 2016 I called together my precious girl friends who had done this network marketing journey with me and booked a dinner the next evening.  We went to our local yacht club and I shared how I needed to go find the right company to work with. That I couldn't see myself reach my dreams and I really was not passionate about the company and products. They were extremely supportive and felt the same. 


I made a list of what I needed the product to have; high retention, affordable, natural, independent science and most of all it had to work and change people's lives. I made a list of what I needed in the company; it had top be older than 10 years, it needed to show huge growth potential, strong corporate team and a good reputation of values. Next I made a list of what was essential in a great compensation plan. I printed out the DSA list of the top 100 network marketing companies and started my research. I was going to take 6 months to do my due diligence because this company would be my final company to work with.    

A week later my great friend called and said she found a unique product and there started my research. 4 Months later after extensive research, prayer and excitement, my journey started with this company. Within 30 days I reached the 5th rank, within 3 months the 6th rank, and 13 months later the 7th rank. It's been so much fun. Success in network marketing didn't come easy for me. I wasn't a fast starter and I failed forward quite a bit. But most importantly I didn't quit and I've learned so much.

Through patience, persistence and perseverance to personal and professional growth, we've been able to develop a system to help others get off to a great start. I am super passionate about helping network marketers succeed.  I am 100% the Unstoppable Networker! 

Stay unstoppable!



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